The Birth of a Book

Quiet Time Rhymes

August 6, 2020

After many requests for my poems in a book,
I pulled them together to see how they’d look.

It seemed overwhelming; I overcame fear.
I perused all the words that I’d written this year.

One hundred and forty-eight rhymes in five months,
Looking back, I’m amazed that this old dog still hunts.

Then I had to describe it and give it a name,
Quiet Time Rhymes is the book it became.

I added another line, shares a bit more.
Peace in Pandemic describes what’s in store.

Then on to the cover, provide some insight.
I found in my photos some birds in mid-flight.

I remembered the walk on the beach when they flew.
It brought back that morning, the peace that I knew.

Decide on the pricing, they asked the amount.
I set it at ten cents a rhyme if you count.

I wrote from my heart and I shared them with you.
You asked for a book, it is here, it’s brand new.


Sharing from the Heart

On February 8th, I began writing a few lines of rhyme during my quiet time. It’s my way of journaling. I shared them with my wife, and she encouraged me to share them with others. 

I created this blog titled Quiet Time Rhyme to share all of my rhymes. I will continue to add more in the days to come. I pray they touch you during these often stressful times.

Treasures to Reveal

September 16, 2020

I long to hear the trumpet blow announcing His return.
For now, I’ll daily read His Word and by His Spirit learn.

His Spirit gives me comfort here inside my weary heart.
His Spirit helps discern the truth with wisdom to impart.

I’ll probe the depths inside God’s Word for treasures to reveal,
Until the day I’m with the Lord, His face I’ll see and feel.

For now, I’m in this shadow land and only dimly see.
One day the Lord will call me home and I’ll be truly free.

The constant troubles here on earth will one day fade away.
I’ll see the glory of the Lord. I’ll be with Him to stay.

I’m blessed by those who know the Lord, who lift me up in prayer,
Encourage me along the way, who read His Word and share.

Some have been blessed to praise the Lord, to lift their voice in song,
And some to play an instrument to praise Him all day long.

I pray the lyrics, rhythm, rhyme, I pen will please the Lord.
Perhaps a melody will form, rise from a note, a chord.

A People Together

September 10, 2020

I remember a nation that once was united
A people together and not so divided,

A time when together we stood hand in hand
United in purpose defending our land.

We would tackle our problems, resolve them as one
We’d solve them together whatever might come.

I pray we can focus, find ways to agree,
Shine a light in the darkness to help us all see.

As we focus on others, the problems they face,
We’ll break down the walls built of color or race.

We’re each one unique and we each have a role,
It’s not about skin but the shape of our soul.

I pray as a nation we seek common ground,
And all work together as issues are found.

If we all come together, have common resolve,
There’s nothing we’re facing that we cannot solve.


Written January 26, 2019, still apples today.

Why the obsession with color of skin?
It’s the colors inside us and what is within,
That determine the measure of what we are worth,
The extent we can benefit others on earth.

What’s the color of courage? Integrity? Trust?
May our colors shine through us before we are dust.
Are we lost in deception, consumed by our hate?
Can we end the division or is it too late?

To find our true colors let’s dig deep inside.
Seek the color of wisdom, seek truth, and not hide,
Then the color of courage to face what we find.
Let’s discover the truth, not stay wounded or blind.

We all share the same journey no matter our plight.
May we help one another and walk in the light.

Early Morn

September 2, 2020

I rise up early, start my day.
Not sure if there’s a rhyme today.

A puppy sleeping on my chest.
She snuggled down and made a nest.

A rainy night, a restful sleep,
A rolling thunder low and deep,

The early morn’s a special time
To read, to pray, to knit a rhyme.

The chair is silent as I glide,
Let words emerge, see what’s inside.

Sometimes they float, a wispy cloud,
Sometimes they seem to shout out loud.

I try to render what I find
Inside my heart, my soul, my mind.

I pray the Lord will guide my pen,
To share the love He’s placed within.


September 1, 2020

I cherish all my friends who pray,
Who hear my words, care what I say.

They share a laugh or shed a tear.
When I’m in need a friend is near.

Surrounded by so many prayers,
How can I feel the weight of cares?

We share a bond; we know the Lord.
We bow in prayer in one accord.

We fellowship; we share our heart.
We give support when we’re apart.

They’re at my side to lift me up,
To keep me going, fill my cup.

Though earthly friends may come and go,
There’s one who’s always true I know.

He’s always there, my closest friend,
The Lord whose love will never end.

Ode to Kenosha

August 27, 2020

What is the point? Why loot the town,
Then light a torch and burn it down?

Why spread your hatred, stir up fear?
It’s not your home. You don’t live here.

Leave us to grieve, protest in peace.
You hurt us more than our police.

Don’t come in here, ignore our grief,
To steal and plunder like a thief.

Our town is hurting, still in pain.
Why are you here? What’s there to gain?

A mother’s praying for her child,
Must she endure a mob gone wild?

Don’t make our hurt and pain increase.
Please show respect and march in peace.

We need your help to mend, restore,
Not violence to hurt us more.

I pray compassion sweeps our land.
Let’s work together. Lend a hand.

Let Love Abound

August 26, 2020

It’s almost time to cast my vote.
I pray our nation stays afloat.

Division’s rampant on the screen.
The nightly news portrays each scene.

Show me the good that’s on display.
It’s all around me every day.

Let simple acts of kindness spread.
Instead of hate, show love instead.

Reach out and help someone in need,
A simple touch, a word, a deed.

Good people all across our land,
It’s time to rise, to take a stand.

Let’s come together, strive for peace,
Work hand in hand, see hatred cease.

It’s time to heal, to fix, to mend,
Let love abound and hatred end.

Your Love

August 21, 2020

I thank You Lord You’re always near.
When I cry out You always hear.

You’re always there, always around,
Restore my joy when I am down.

I know you’re loving me today.
Your love is pure, it’s here to stay.

Though I’m not perfect in my walk
You always listen when I talk.

When I reach out You take my hand,
Pour out my heart You understand.

I know you’re loving me today.
Your love is pure, it’s here to stay.

You’ve shown me love in many ways
Through many nights and many days.

I never need to walk alone.
Your love’s more real than flesh and bone.

I know you’re loving me today.
Your love is pure, it’s here to stay.

You share my joys, You save my tears,
You give me strength to conquer fears.

I thank You Lord your love is true,
And I can always lean on you.

I know you’re loving me today.
Your love is pure, it’s here to stay.

Someone in Need

August 12, 2020

As I jot down a rhyme today
I pray that comfort finds its way

Into your heart and floods your head
With peace and joy, instead of dread.

I pray I’ll touch your point of need
With words of comfort you can read.

These are the words I have to share.
I know the Lord. He’s always there.

No matter what you’re going through,
He’ll give you peace, His love is true.

Regardless of your circumstance,
A life well planned or left to chance,

God cares for you. He knows your name.
He offers peace, it’s yours to claim.

Reach out to Him, don’t just endure.
He’s always there. His love is pure.

Endless Joy

I trust in God, his master plan.
He knows the years of my life’s span.

He knows how long I’ll spend on earth.
I look to Him for my life’s worth.

The day will come I’ll be set free,
Know endless joy eternally.

I pray that when my life is done,
When Christ says welcome home my son,

That those I leave behind that day,
Whose lives I’ve touched in some small way,

Rejoice and lift their voice in song,
And know I’m home where I belong.

I pray that you who’ve read this rhyme
Don’t fear the day when it’s your time,

That you know Christ who gives you peace,
Your life with Him will never cease.