Sharing from the Heart

On February 8th, I began writing a few lines of rhyme during my quiet time. It’s my way of journaling. I shared them with my wife, and she encouraged me to share them with others. 

I created this blog titled Quiet Time Rhyme to share all of my rhymes. I will continue to add more in the days to come. I pray they touch you during these often stressful times.

Golden Years

August 3, 2020

What will I do with what remains
Of my life here before it wanes?

I only have this life to live.
What more is left that I can give?

I’ve grown more frail in my physique,
No longer strong, my body’s weak.

I’m not inclined to run a race,
My walking now, a slower pace.

My hair has turned a silver gray,
A bit less hair each passing day.

I pray You help my mind stay strong,
To share the words of my life’s song.

Although I’ve reached my golden years,
My journey’s marked by joys and tears,

I pray oh Lord, that you’ll use me
To shine Your light, help others see.

Song of the Soul

August 2, 2020

If my soul sang, what kind of song
Would it sing out the whole day long?

What kind of rhythm would emerge,
A joyful beat, or mournful dirge?

What kind of melody would form
To offer comfort, calm the storm?

Would I sing slow, a soothing tone,
That’s just for me when I’m alone?

Or would I sing out loud and share
A song of comfort, love, and care?

What makes a song, just tune and word,
Or what is felt when it is heard?

A song can bring a change in mood,
I pray my soul serves healthy food.

I pray the words of rhyme I write
Help other souls to soar in flight.

I pray the lyrics I prepare
Come from the heart, God’s love to share.

Set Free

July 29, 2020

The cloudy days are in between,
Not stormy, yet no skies are seen.

A hazy fog, a humid gray,
Sometimes with sun it burns away.

I pray the fog will not invade
My soul, that it inside will fade.

I pray my spirit sees the blue
That lies beyond. I know it’s true.

I’m not confined inside my head.
It’s up to me to choose instead.

I pray my spirit soars on high
Beyond the gloom into the sky,

To spread my wings, float on the breeze,
Beyond the clouds, above the trees.

I thank you Lord you set me free.
I know your love, your care for me.

Wisdom and Peace

July 28, 2020

Insulting and hateful, unhealthy debate,
We’ll not solve our problems with rage and with hate.

I pray that the fighting and hatred can cease,
That we come to the table in wisdom and peace.

Riots and looting, destruction and fire,
Complete desolation is that our desire?

I pray that the wrongs in our land be made right,
Through love and compassion may we see the light.

Can we find a solution with hate in our heart?
It’s time for a change to give love a new start.

I pray that forgiveness replaces the wrath,
That revenge won’t consume us, we’ll find a new path.

The fighting and hatred that splits and divides
Is born in the darkness we harbor inside.

I pray that the darkness inside us will flee,
That God grants us grace, that his love sets us free.

We’ll Not Despair

July 25, 2020

Inspired by 2 Cor. 4: 7-10

Although we suffer day and night,
I pray we still can shine God’s light.

Our power comes from God on high.
Upon his strength we can rely.

Though pressed by troubles crashing in,
We’ll not be crushed, we’ve God within.

Although perplexed and asking why,
We’ll not despair, in Him rely.

As troubles try to hunt us down,
Abandoned not, let love abound.

Although we’re down, knocked to and fro,
We’re not destroyed, let His love glow.

Although we suffer on this earth,
We know His love, our second birth.

Our bodies here are frail and weak,
Eternal life with Him we seek.

Faith and Hope

July 21, 2020

Through valleys may your faith be strong.
I pray that hope may be your song.

May you look toward what’s yet to be,
Believe the things you cannot see.

May you find comfort in God’s Word,
Your soul refreshed by what you’ve heard.

May you have faith to walk today,
To trust in Christ to lead the way,

Not just today but all the year
To live by faith, abandon fear.

May you be given wings to fly;
May troubles fade as you soar high.

May you know and feel God’s love,
Your spirit long for things above.

May you know peace that God can bring,
To feel the joy once more to sing.

As We Emerge

July 18, 2020

Although the world seems upside down,
Our heroes wear a mask and gown,

The day will dawn some morning soon,
When we emerge from our cocoon.

The sun will shine upon our wings,
We’ll feel the joy that freedom brings.

We pull together, meet the need,
No matter color, race, or creed.

I pray that once this job is done,
We’ll still work hard; we’ll still be one.

Instead of pulling us apart,
I pray this virus gives us heart,

Unearths the strength we have inside,
Brings faith in God to lead, to guide.

I pray this virus soon will end.
Lord give us strength to heal and mend.


July 14, 2020

I think my daily writing’s done.
It’s been a joy; I’ve had some fun.

I’ll still be up. I’ll read and pray,
Occasionally, some words to say.

I pray the words that I have shared
Have helped a few to know God’s care.

One day I knew that I should start,
Shared many rhymes straight from the heart.

The rhymes remain. I’ll leave each post.
Perhaps you’ll share ones you like most.

I thank you for the words and time
From those of you who’ve read a rhyme.

It’s been a blessing every day
To share a gift of rhyme this way.

I knew, in time, this day would come,
I pray I’ve touched the hearts of some.

Until there’s more to say or tell,
I send my love and say farewell.

Late to Rise

July 13, 2020

This morning I was late to rise.
The sun was up before my eyes.

I search inside for words to say
To see what’s there to write today.

So many ways to write a rhyme
My words are simple, not sublime.

Our puppy Lucy’s in my lap.
She’s snuggled down to take a nap.

I play with words much like a toy,
Like building blocks that I enjoy.

This morning there’s not much to share,
A loving pup, a rocking chair.

I pray this day that you find peace.
May worries fade and joy increase.

Whatever troubles come your way,
I pray you know God’s love today.