The Birth of a Book

Quiet Time Rhymes

August 6, 2020

After many requests for my poems in a book,
I pulled them together to see how they’d look.

It seemed overwhelming; I overcame fear.
I perused all the words that I’d written this year.

One hundred and forty-eight rhymes in five months,
Looking back, I’m amazed that this old dog still hunts.

Then I had to describe it and give it a name,
Quiet Time Rhymes is the book it became.

I added another line, shares a bit more.
Peace in Pandemic describes what’s in store.

Then on to the cover, provide some insight.
I found in my photos some birds in mid-flight.

I remembered the walk on the beach when they flew.
It brought back that morning, the peace that I knew.

Decide on the pricing, they asked the amount.
I set it at ten cents a rhyme if you count.

I wrote from my heart and I shared them with you.
You asked for a book, it is here, it’s brand new.


Sharing from the Heart

On February 8th, I began writing a few lines of rhyme during my quiet time. It’s my way of journaling. I shared them with my wife, and she encouraged me to share them with others. 

I created this blog titled Quiet Time Rhyme to share all of my rhymes. I will continue to add more in the days to come. I pray they touch you during these often stressful times.

Walking in the Light

November 26, 2020

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that something’s right.
We can still be choosing darkness over walking in the light.

There’s so much more to life than all the stupid things we do.
Let’s find in life our passion, then let’s steadily pursue

That goal with all the vigor we can muster to achieve
That dream that’s truly worthy of the truths that we believe.

Why live a life in shadows where it’s hard to see the sun,
When there’s so much need around us and there’s so much to be done?

If we’re reaching out to others and we’re showing love and care,
Then our lives are full of blessings and there’s nothing to compare.

The more we give to others and find ways to show our love,
The more we know God’s blessings that He showers from above.

I pray we find our passion and what makes us each unique.
We each one have a mountain and I pray we reach the peak.

I pray we help each other to achieve each goal and dream.
I pray we work together with God’s blessings as a team.

God and Country

November 25, 2020

From Pacific to Rockies across the great plain,
Then through Appalachia and up into Maine,

From the Gulf to Atlantic and all in between
Through the south to the border a beautiful scene.

The land of the free and the home of the brave,
Preserving our freedom there’s so much to save.

Such bountiful blessings it’s hard to begin.
I pray they’re kept safe from without and within.

I pray that divisions won’t tear us apart.
Lord bring us together with love in our heart.

The hatred and fighting’s polluting the air.
It’s time to join forces and show that we care.

It’s not about bickering, passing the blame,
But coming together once more to proclaim

“We love God and country, this land of the free.”
I pray it’s preserved from the mountains to sea.

Give Thanks

November 21, 2020

Thanksgiving is different, and though we’re apart
I send you my love that I share from my heart.

No laughter or turkey we typically share,
We’ll miss hugs and kisses but know that I care.

The mask covered faces I see in the store,
Cannot hide the smiles that I’ll soon see once more.

Thanksgiving brings memories of those I have known.
I’m grateful I knew them; their love will live on.

I’ll still take the time to give thanks and to pray,
Thank God for my wife who’s still with me this day.

Our life passes quickly I’m grateful for friends.
I’ll someday be grateful when this virus ends.

The Bible instructs me “give thanks in all things.”
Sometimes I need help with the trouble life brings.

I pray Lord for all who need Your help today.
Lord help us find courage; give thanks as we pray.

A Special Time

November 20, 2020

It’s that special time of morning just before the sun is up.
A puppy sleeping in my lap and coffee in my cup.

I know that soon the day will come with troubles it will bring.
But now I’m quiet, peaceful, still, allow my heart to sing.

It gives me time to seek the Lord to contemplate the Word,
To listen for that still small voice and make sure that I’ve heard.

A quiet time to spend in prayer before I start my day,
Sometimes it seems we’ve lost the map; our ship has gone astray.

I know, dear Lord, you’re at the helm, please keep our ship afloat.
So many lives at stake right now, they’re not all in the boat.

I pray for weary, hurting souls who don’t yet know Your name.
I pray that soon they find Your love. They’ll never be the same.

I pray that in the midst of pain, You grant us peace inside.
Lord help us learn to lean on You and cast our load aside.

I pray Thanksgiving brings a change, may all the fighting cease.
This Christmas, Lord, I pray we find Your joy and love and peace.


November 19, 2020

Phone or keyboard, quill or pen,
The words still come from deep within.

They share our story, journey, plight.
They help us share unique insight.

Words help express what’s in the heart,
Share common bonds, not tear apart.

Some share a laugh or bring a smile.
Some come with elegance and style.

No matter what the shape or form,
Kind words can calm a raging storm.

Words help to let our feelings out.
Some bring a sigh; some make us shout.

Whatever circumstance you’re in,
I pray you find the peace within

That permeates your heart and soul
With words that heal, that sooth, console.

Open Mind

November 17, 2020

I pray I have an open mind
And read God’s Word, see what I find.

Not read to justify my way,
But seek His will, what His words say.

He wrote the Book; I pray I learn
To hear His Spirit lead, discern.

I pray I never twist God’s Word,
Just soak it in, share what I’ve heard.

His Word is truth to show the way
To know His love and joy each day.

I’ve read the Bible, know the end.
I trust the Lord, on Him depend.

I trust His Word; I’ve been set free.
No need to have anxiety.

Lord help me soar, trust in Your care,
Extend my wings, glide through the air.

Minds Fade

November 16, 2020

Lord help my mind stay fresh, not stale.
May it stay active, not grow frail.

My mind can comprehend your Word,
Discern what’s right from what’s absurd.

Lord through my mind you touched my soul;
You entered in and made me whole.

Your Holy Spirit lives in me
To lead and guide and help me see.

The mind is fickle, error prone,
Unlike the body’s flesh and bone.

Lord if my mind should ever fade,
The light grows dim, leaves me in shade,

I pray my soul’s still close to you,
Still knows Your name and trusts in You.

Lord You are with me to the end,
No matter what I comprehend.


November 15, 2020

I lift my prayers for those in pain.
I pray through suffering they gain

A special trust in You alone
As they come daily to Your throne,

From You gain strength each day to live,
Find joy that only You can give.

I pray that You provide a way
To ease their load of pain each day.

A lifelong illness takes a toll
Throughout the body, mind, and soul.

Lord grant me empathy I need
To share Your love in word and deed.

Sometimes I hang my head and sigh.
I trust You Lord, but still ask why.

I pray for wisdom, help me know
How to assist, let my love show.

Beyond Mediocrity

Lord lift me up above the fray,
And help me live beyond today.

Lord shine your light and help me see
Beyond mere mediocrity.

Lord grant me words that I may speak,
Instill the wisdom that I seek.

Lord free my mind that it may soar.
Lord fill my heart, let Your love pour.

I pray Your Spirit works in me
To liberate and set me free.

No matter what my circumstance
I pray my heart can sing and dance.

I pray this day I share Your joy,
That I find words I can employ

To spread the joy, the peace, the love
That You send down from up above.