Sharing from the Heart

On February 8th, I began writing a few lines of rhyme during my quiet time. It’s my way of journaling. I shared them with my wife, and she encouraged me to share them with others. 

I created this blog titled Quiet Time Rhyme to share all of my rhymes. I will continue to add more in the days to come. I pray they touch you during these often stressful times.

Time to Soar

May 26, 2020

It’s time to test our mended wings,
To check our heart, make sure it sings,

Get off the ground and catch a breeze,
Above the rooftops, over trees.

It’s time to soar into the sky,
To heed the call once more to fly.

Lord lift us up into the skies,
Let faith and hope and love arise.

I pray we’ve healed enough to smile,
And even laugh, just for a while.

We’ve come through much to make us sad,
Restore our hope, make our hearts glad.

I pray that we can glide and soar,
That faith and hope will reign once more.

It’s time to lift our voice and sing,
Acknowledge You as Lord and King.

Broken Hearts

May 25, 2020

Reports each day can beat me down,
So tempting now to read and frown.

The broadcasts filled with more bad news,
Projections change, they just confuse.

For many Lord it’s life or death.
They struggle daily for each breath.

My heart goes out to those in need,
The sad and mourning hearts that bleed.

I lift them up to you in prayer.
I pray they feel your love and care.

Lord touch their hearts let faith increase.
Surround them Lord engulfed in peace.

I pray the hurting soon will end,
Those wounded hearts begin to mend.

Lord you’re the one who can restore,
Help broken hearts to heal once more.

Bring Comfort

May 24, 2020

So many Lord in need of you,
Lord give them comfort, see them through.

The hurt is real, the wounds are deep,
This rocky road of life is steep.

The climb is hard to reach the top.
Lord help the weak to walk, not stop.

Lord give them faith and strength to pray,
With You survive another day.

Surrounded by this darkness night,
Provide them strength, the will to fight,

Their burden Lord, so hard to bear,
With heavy heart in need of care.

A time of mourning, grieving, fear,
Lord bring your comfort, save each tear.

Please touch them Lord, reach out your hand,
You hear their cries and understand.

A Gift to Share

A fun recording by John and Lee

May 24, 2020

We have some news. We found a pup.
In two more weeks, we’ll pick her up.

We got to hold her yesterday
And watch her sleep and see her play.

We dearly loved our Charlie Brown.
He was a joy to have around.

He left a hole we’ll never fill.
We have more love. She fit the bill.

The owners raise this special breed.
They give them love, meet every need.

We pray the vet check goes okay,
Can’t wait to hear what he will say.

She’s just a doll, cute as can be.
Her mom and dad were fun to see.

We cherish times that we’ve been through,
This is a gift we share as two.

A special day that lies ahead,
Tomorrow marks the day we wed.

Brave and Strong

May 23, 2020

This interrupted life we’ve shared
Brought out new ways to show we cared.

I’ve seen compassion on display,
New acts of kindness every day,

Creative ways to lend a hand,
And spread goodwill throughout the land.

We’ve pulled together to survive
Until we once again can thrive.

The carnage left resembles war.
The Covid virus left its scar.

We fought together brave and strong.
Some battled hard to right the wrong.2020-05-

Help those infected to endure
Until the day we find a cure.

It hit us hard and took its toll.
We’ll rise again to reach our goal.

Early Light

May 22, 2020

The morning brings that early light,
A quiet way to end the night.

I slowly wake, ease into day,
Arise to read, to write and pray.

A time alone with God to share,
To thank him for his loving care.

I pray for loved ones far and near,
I lift my prayers; give thanks You hear.

I pray for friends and those I know
Lord lift them up when they are low.

I pray while life’s a slower speed,
I share your love in word and deed.

I see your love; it’s on display.
Let others find your love today.

These weeks and months touched many hearts,
Lord give us peace ‘till life restarts.

Always Near

May 21, 2020

I praise you Lord for who you are.
You made the worlds and every star.

I’m grateful Lord you’re always near.
You listen Lord, you want to hear

My words, my thoughts, what’s in my heart.
You’re always there and won’t depart.

You’re never old or out of style.
Though I ignored you for a while

You welcomed me when I returned.
I tried my way. At last I learned,

Lord you’re in charge, you’re in control.
You formed my body, heart, and soul.

I pray my pride will fade away,
Acknowledge you in every way.

I pray each day the words I write
Help spread your love, give others sight.


May 20, 2020

A virus roams, a plague on earth.
Let’s reassess what things have worth.

Once sons and daughters, husbands, wives,
All shared their love and shared their lives.

Those ties that bind are strained today,
Don’t let those concepts fade away.

Once marriages were made to last,
That need not be just in times past.

Restore the values once held dear.
Comment’s not a word to fear.

To tie the knot and say, “I do,”
Means all the years, not just a few.

Relationships take time to form,
To hold together through a storm,

But in the end, worth more than gold.
Rekindle love, lest it grow cold.

Shine Your Light

May 19, 2020

Good morning Lord, I’m glad you’re here.
You drive out darkness, doubt, and fear.

You’ve walked with me through trials before,
A change of life, an open door.

I’m grateful Lord that you provide.
You light my path, Lord you’re my guide.

Just as the morning sun gives sight,
Inside my soul, Lord shine your light

In every room, behind each door.
Lord you’re the one who can restore.

You mend what’s broken, ripped, or torn,
You dry my tears the days I mourn.

I pray your light will shine through me,
That you may help another see.

I pray this day, I follow you,
I show your love in all I do.