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New Book: Timeless Tales

Timeless Tales Cover eBook 7-6-18

New Book: Timeless Tales

My journey into poetry began the spring of 2017 in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. I captured the beginning in the first poem of my debut book of poetry to be released August 12 (Hardback, paperback, and eBook).

The Beginning

I sat in the waiting room, sad and alone.
My wife’s life of pain wore me down to the bone.

So many misfortunes came into my life.
Was I doomed to endure all this pressure and strife?

Helpless feelings and hopelessness cut to my soul.
That small child within me I had to console.

Sad times fell like garbage just dumped on my head.
Will this darkness consume me or shape me instead?

A rhyme rose within me, it caused me to smile.
It focused my thoughts, I escaped for a while.

The e-book is now available for pre-order at:

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John Alexander



Encourage the Writers

Encourage the writers, creators of art.
Who share what’s inside them, exposing their heart.

Alone with their thoughts, they reach deep in their soul.
Exposing their journey through life is their role.

They take us to places we’ve not seen before.
They take us to heights we’ve not dared to explore.

Their words give us courage to learn and to grow.
They give us the courage to share what we know.

Some words will enlighten and help us to see.
They help us be all we’re created to be.

When life brings us sadness, it cuts to the bone.
We seek words of comfort, we need time alone.

So, writers keep sharing your words with us all.
With no light in the darkness, we stumble and fall.